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Vex games are a series of platformers with some of the coolest parkour mechanics you will ever experience. Despite being 2D online side-scrollers playable in regular browsers these games are a great example of how much an indie developer can accomplish with very limited resources. Run through dozens of hand-crafted levels designed for your amusement, avoid all kinds of traps, use various moves and tricks at your disposal to reach the end of every stage.

In this series (vex 3vex 4vex 5) you play as a stickman who has a very particular set of skills that include running, jumping, sliding, clinging and climbing on walls. You can even swim in certain areas and do many other cool little tricks. It is important to point out that this franchise has nothing to do with shooting: the gameplay boils down to fast and precise platforming, but it is extremely rewarding and satisfying nonetheless.

You can move the protagonist by pressing either the arrow keys or W, A, S and D. Sometimes you need momentum to perform certain jumps or slides. Your movement is dependent on the environment: some platforms act as giant springs launching you in the air, others move constantly left and right or up and down. What makes Vex games particularly great, though, is the attention to level design: every new location you explore is going to be a fun memorable experience. Give these free games a try and you will not regret it!

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